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Latest Updates
Keep up with Ferry's latest changes by following our channels.
/settings updates enable <status/change_log> <#text-channel>
/settings updates disable <status/change_log>
Specific Truth or Dare options can be enabled and disabled bypassing default settings (R rating being allowed in NSFW channels by default). The questions can also have button shortcuts for the same rating.
/settings tod (enable/disable) (PG / PG13 / R / Button)
Automated Detection
We have many automatic detections, using reliable sources to detect them.
For more details, view the automod page.
/settings automod <raids / phishing / malware / slurs / mention / spam> (enable / disable)
Enable and disable different type of logs to keep updated on what is occuring in your server.
/settings logs (enable / disable) <type> <#text-channel>
  • Roles: role_create, role_delete, role_update
  • Member: join, leave, update
  • Voice
  • Moderation
  • Messages: msg_delete, msg_edit
  • Channels: channel_create, channel_delete, channel_update
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